BYK Additives & Instruments

December 19, 2011

New additive from the BYK range: CERAFLOUR® 1000

New additive from the BYK range: CERAFLOUR® 1000

Bacteria change starch and glucose into a biopolymer

With CERAFLOUR® 1000, BYK is systematically pursuing its “Greenability” concept, developing excellent additives for eco-friendly systems with the customary BYK-quality on behalf of its customers.

With CERAFLOUR® 1000, BYK Additives & Instruments has developed a new additive that has wax-like properties. Because it is based on renewable raw materials, it represents an extremely interesting alternative to natural and synthetic waxes. The latter, for instance, are based on finite, petrochemical resources. Thanks to biotechnology, the BYK additive, by contrast, is produced with the aid of bacteria. This opens up a new perspective on the use of biotechnology in the coating industry.

Another big advantage is the versatility of CERAFLOUR® 1000. The additive is suitable for all systems: aqueous, radiation-curing, solvent-free, and solvent-borne. It provides efficient matting and also involves a soft-touch effect. Furthermore, systems in which CERAFLOUR® 1000 is used have a high degree of transparency and improved scratch resistance.