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BYK-Gardner GmbH, 04 / 23 / 2013

New BYK-Gardner Color Theory Poster for your lab!

New BYK-Gardner Color Theory Poster for your lab!

BYK-Gardner Color Theory Poster

BYK-Gardner - worldwide partner of the automotive, paint and plastic industries for quality control of color, appearance and physical properties - is announcing the new BYK-Gardner Color Theory poster for technical use.

So many things to do on your desk, that you cannot remember all details when it comes to color measurement and color data interpretation? Don’t worry; with the new BYK-Gardner Color Theory poster you always have the important background information right in front of your eyes.
The Color Theory poster displays color measurement of solid colors and metallic colors. You will find measurement principles, tolerance graphs and equations.

Color measurement of solid colors
In industry, there are two classes of instruments to measure solid color: 45/0 and sphere geometry. The poster helps to always have the difference between the two geometries down pat. Additionally, it describes what is important to remember when setting box tolerance using ΔE* or elliptical tolerances using ΔECMC.

Color and effect measurement of metallics
Effect finishes change their appearance with viewing angles and lighting conditions. These conditions need to be simulated in instrumentation as well. The poster shows both measurement principles using easy-to-understand schematics. The latest color equation like DIN6175, Part 2 and the BYK-Gardner Sparkle tolerance model are described on the poster. Special effect images of sparkle and graininess are also included to illustrate the visual impression.

The poster in the size of 46 x 68 cm not only makes your lab more colorful, but is also a professional tool to support your internal education program.
Call today to request your free Color Theory poster or ask your regional sales manager for one during her or his next visit.

More information is available from BYK-Gardner GmbH, P.O. Box 970, 82534 Geretsried, Germany: By fax: +49/8171/3493-140, the free service no. 0-800-gardner (0-800-4273637)