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Wesel, September 20, 2013

HDPE-based coupling agent wins BYK Advance award

Wesel, September 20, 2013 - The internally awarded BYK Advance innovation prize will this year go to the project “A new and improved modifier for PE-based Wood Plastic Composites – SCONA® TSPE 2102 GAHD”.

The starting point for this project work was the fact that coupling agents based on a linear polyethylene of low density (LLDPE) are difficult to mix with a polyethylene of a higher density (HDPE), the base polymer for many polyethylene-based wood plastic composites (WPCs).

With the new product SCONA® TSPE 2102 GAHD, an additive has now been developed that is also based on HDPE.

It has the following advantages:

• Improved compatibility facilitates easy processing even with a low shear.
• The product is grafted higher and so provides greater functionality than the products currently available on the market. This makes for a lower dosage.
• Optimized mechanical properties significantly improve the end product.

The winners of this year‘s BYK Advance award are: Bärbel Gertzen, Björn Hansen, Herbert Gonsior, Bianka Leitner, Dr. Inno Rapthel (project leader) and Jochen Wilms.