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Geretsried, March 12, 2015

BYK-Gardner QC Solutions for Cosmetics

BYK-Gardner QC Solutions for Cosmetics

BYK-Gardner QC Solutions for Cosmetics

BYK-Gardner - worldwide partner of the automotive, paint and plastic industries for quality control of color, appearance and physical properties - is now introducing a complete new and innovative line of accessories for the cosmetic industry.


Make-up is mainly used to accentuate a person’s character and fashion style through the use of color, gloss and glitter. The batch-to-batch consistency in color and appearance of every single cosmetic product plays an important role to the consumer. The visual impression establishes the perception of quality and is a strong driving factor in the consumer’s purchasing decision. Brand loyalty is developed in the consumer by delivering a consistent and high level of quality. In order to guarantee consistent color and appearance, objectively benchmark new products compared to existing or competitive products, or innovate a completely new look and make decisions based on facts, it is essential to define numerical parameters with customer relevant tolerances. These parameters are then controlled in daily production and communicated among the entire supply chain of raw material and final product suppliers. 

Consistent color and appearance needs an OBJECTIVE EYE! 

The measurement of cosmetic products, however, presents numerous challenges: Liquid, pasty or powdery materials are likely to contaminate an instrument’s optics, whilst small and curved surfaces are difficult to be measured without the influence of ambient light. BYK-Gardner provides the solution with specially designed accessories for non-contact and completely shielded measurements of liquids, pastes, powders and even small and curved samples like e.g. lipsticks and artificial fingernails. 

Anti-aging creams and tinted lotions are used to minimize fine lines and small imperfections. In order to create a flawless and at the same time natural look, so-called “soft focus products” must have both a high percentage of total transmittance and transmission haze. Both parameters are obtained through the touch of just one button on the haze-gard i. 

To sum it up: No matter which cosmetic product you need to measure,  “BYK-Gardner’s Objective Eyes” help you achieve a higher-quality production process based on figures and facts and not just emotions. 

BYK mac i:                   Multi-Angle Color and Effect Control.

spectro-guide:              Color and Gloss in One Unit.

micro-gloss:                 The New Intelligence in Gloss Measurement.

haze-gard i:                  The Objective Standard for a Clear View.

The brochure “BYK-Gardner QC Solutions for Cosmetics” is available now in a variety of different languages. Besides in-depth measurement theory, it is divided into sections by product type (pigments, nails, lips, eyes, face and packaging), each giving product specific best practices for sample preparation, example measurements and recommendations for instruments and accessories needed.

More information is available from BYK-Gardner GmbH, P.O. Box 970, 82534 Geretsried, Germany: By fax: +49/8171/3493-140, the free service no. 0-800-gardner (0-800-4273637) or on the Internet at