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 12/2018 - 6th Edition 

The Secret of Colors

Colors have a magical impact on the human psychic: red is beguiling, blue is soothing, black triggers humility. 

Where do colors come from, how does the human being deal with it and what role did they play in former times? The Harvard University of Cambridge near Boston has collected more than 2500 pigments in its archives. The art museums of this university have released an “atlas of rare and common colors”. It points out how the world became colorful; following is a brief array of popular shades and tones.                                                                                                  

 06/2018 - 5th Edition 

See and measure things in the right light

Patchwork might be good for quilts, but is certainly not appreciated on a brand new refrigerator in our home. Whether a multi-component product is white, black or colorful harmony under different light sources is crucial for your product quality. How can you ensure that your color always matches visually by using objective measurement results?

The White Nights of St Petersburg

"It was a wonderful night, such a night might only occur when we are young, dear reader“ – the beginning of  Dostojewski’s novel. During the White Nights the sun disappears only for a brief moment behind the horizon and it does not get really dark. A very special time in St Petersburg, but also in other countries around the world “White Nights” are celebrated in many different ways.

 04/2018 - 4th Edition 

Expanded production site for new product production and global technical service

A new floor with approx.1.800 m² was added to the production site in Geretsried. During the construction phase we were faced with a challenging color and appearance harmony task to ensure the new floor will match the existing floors.

 12/2017 - 3rd Edition 

When white snow sparkles in different colors

Imagine the silence of an untouched, crystal clear winter landscape: The sun is shining, the sky is bright blue and the snow lights up with white and even colored sparkles.

 09/2017 - 2nd Edition 

A journey into the history of gloss measurement

It all started in the early 1900 with visual tools such as fan deck cards in various gloss shades for comparison purposes. And today high tech gloss meters objectively measure gloss with highest accuracy, miniaturized design and intelligent diagnosis functions to prevent handling faults- essential for reliable gloss communication.

Why the sky actually is not blue

According to physicists, the sky ought to be violet. The great Isaac Newton was not always right. He assumed that water vapor or water droplets in the atmosphere color the sky blue. Today, physicists have learned that the air molecules themselves are responsible for the coloring of the sky. Mistakenly, however, their theories predict a violet coloring. With the understanding of the human color perception it is explained why the color of the sky is perceived blue by the human being.

 06/2017 - 1st Edition

A trip into the Green

It is the color for the spring, but also symbolizes envy inexperience. Green is found throughout nature, it stands worldwide for all that keeps traffic rolling, but hardly anyone is buying a green car.