A trip into the Green

It is the color for the spring, but also symbolizes envy inexperience. Green is found throughout nature, it stands worldwide for all that keeps traffic rolling, but hardly anyone is buying a green car.

Of course it is possible to love all colors, even if pink really is down to personal preference. Blue maybe somewhat cool, whereas everything being red all the time might annoy you as well. However, from a biophysical point of view there is a definite favorite: Human eyes are most receptive to green light (slightly on the yellow side). Show a test person a constant beam of light in different colors and the light will appear brightest to them at a wavelength of 555 nanometers. That is about half way between the last color that is seen as being greener than yellow and the middle of the green spectrum. The middle on the other hand is the color that most people usually recognize as being the greenest of the greens: not too yellow, not too blue and somewhere between grass and tree top. Middle of the road green has a wavelength of somewhere between 520 and 530 nanometers. And if that is too green for you then you can Always move more towards blue, as the green spectrum ends at 500 nanometers.