Expanded production site for new product production and global technical service

The BYK-Gardner production site facade has a coil coating with high quality standards in regards to weathering and durability. The challenge was to ensure that an additional new floor will look like the other two floors built in 2004.

The coil coating manufacturer originally had specified besides weathering and durability parameters also the 60° gloss range. As the building is already more than 10 years old, we agreed in the approval process to sign off color and appearance based on a physical standard panel. Just to be on the save side as the harsh weather conditions in Bavaria could cause color and appearance fading.

When the new coil was delivered and the first panels were mounted one could visually see a clear difference compared to the existing facade. This was visible close up as well as from a far distance. When we checked the approved standard panel the visual difference was still clearly visible – also under different viewing angles. 

Now the investigation started. We measured coating thickness, color, gloss and even roughness of all components. Most significant was the difference in the 60° gloss values measured with our micro-gloss:


This difference of 10 GU supported our visual judgement and supported our claim with objective measurement data. Thus, we were able to optimize with our suppliers the appearance harmony of our production building.