Thank you for 50,000 micro-gloss

BYK-Gardner celebrated the production of the 50,000th unit of our well known 2nd generation micro-gloss family.  

The micro-gloss, introduced by BYK-Gardner in 1988, was the first real portable gloss meter, which allowed the users to measure in the field, and thus - opened up a completely new era in gloss control. For the first time automatic calibration in a protective standard holder without having to manually adjust calibration values with a calibration knob was offered with the micro-gloss.

In the meantime, the 2nd generation of the micro-gloss family is on the market. The focus of this development was on ease-of-use and reliable measurement data with the goal to be independent of operator handling and temperature changes. The 2nd generation micro-gloss is using cutting-edge technologies such as an LED light source combined with intelligent and automated production processes to guarantee highly repeatable and reproducible results - unsurpassed in the industry. Even the automatic calibration was optimized with a self-diagnosis to prevent a faulty calibration. Finally, transferring the gloss results to the software smart-chart moves gloss documentation and analysis into today’s digital world.

Over the years, the micro-gloss family grew and new innovative family members for special applications were introduced. A very unique solution is the micro-gloss with an integrated film thickness sensor - ideal for paint users in the field. The latest micro-gloss members were designed to measure small parts with an opening of only 2 x 4 mm and even an automated version for mounting on a robot is now available.

Click here to watch a video showing you the entire micro-gloss family.
micro-gloss: Intelligent gloss measurement - the smart way