BYK-Gardner “In-House” Color & Appearance seminars

Our application specialists with many years of practical experience and experts in color and appearance science will define with you the training content. You define which learning blocks you need for your company:

  • Color theory basics
  • Color systems in theory and practice
  • How to test the technical performance of a spectrophotometer
  • How to set tolerances for solid, metallic, pearl colors
  • What are the differences in measurement geometries:
    45c:0 versus d:8 versus multi-angle geometries
  • Color QC of metallic and effect finishes:
    3-angle compared to 5-angle compared to 6-angle color control
  • Sparkle and Graininess evaluation
  • How to perform a visual color or appearance evaluation
  • Gloss measurement of high – low gloss surfaces
  • Orange peel measurement and customer specific scales
  • Mottling – an undesirable defect
  • Software training with detailed data analysis on your own results
The seminar can be tailored to your specific needs with lots of room for discussion and many practical workshops. We want to be your partner for any color and appearance needs and make sure that you and your company are always on top of the latest news.

For details/sending us your specific needs, please contact us: