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    at K 2019

High Performance Additives and Solutions at K Show 2019

When it comes to exploiting the potential of modern composites to the full and optimizing their manufacture, the use of special additives can be of great benefit. As one of the world’s leading suppliers of coatings and plastics additives with extensive experience in the area of composites, BYK will be presenting you not only highly specialized additives and technical solutions at the world’s no. 1 trade fair for plastics, but also showcasing, with its instruments range, test methods for the objective and reproducible development of your product.

Be inspired by our extensive technical solutions!

We will be presenting, for example, the new BYK-MAX CT 4260, which has been developed for halogen-free flame retardant formulations for thermoplastics to significantly reduce the amount of mineral fillers involved, such as aluminum or magnesium hydroxide.

Another exhibition highlight from the same additive series is BYK-MAX CT 4270, a new functional filler which, with a lower dosage in polypropylenes compared to standard fillers, leads to significant weight reduction in the end product.

You can find more information about BYK’s latest product group here.

Visit us at the K Show in Dusseldorf at our Booth E 17 in Hall 5 from October 16 to 23. Talk to our experts and get to know our product portfolio for thermoplastic applications.

We look forward to seeing you there!


  • Automotive

High-performance composites support long-term the current lightweight design developments in the automotive industry. Here, BYK additives, which can be used both in thermoset and in thermoplastic based composite solutions, play a key role.

Many a cable fire can result in a major conflagration, threatening people and property. This is a problem area for which BYK has developed an effective additive solution with its innovative flame-retardant synergist, CLOISITE.

CV flooring, artificial leather, wall coverings, tarpaulins, conveyor belts and carpet backing as well as rotational molding and screen inks are among the areas of application in which BYK additives are used. They facilitate, among other things, the improved wetting and dispersion of extenders and pigments, reduce viscosity, stabilize foam, and prevent sedimentation and flooding.


Wind power

  • Wind power

Wind power is one of the key technologies of our age – already a vital factor in the global energy industry today. With its high-end plastic additives, BYK is making a major contribution to increasing the performance values of wind turbines and thus providing a further boost to the market development of this constantly growing branch of global trade.


  • Thermoplastics

SCONA modifiers for wood plastic composites (WPCs) strengthen the physical bonding of wood fibers in thermoplastics in order to achieve higher loading levels while maintaining excellent mechanical properties and good resistance to environmental impact factors (e.g. deckings, outdoor-panels). However, in glass-fiber reinforced thermoplastics, such as parts for the automotive industry, SCONA modifiers are also being used more and more to improve mechanical properties.


Standardized quality control

  • Standardized quality control

The key for process optimization
BYK-Gardner QC solutions for color and appearance control provide objective and reliable measurement data. Whether you need to control gloss, solid color or effect colors, innovative technologies guarantee excellent technical performance and visual correlation. “smart-chart” data analysis software supports you to set up a global QC management system with standardized QC procedure, tolerances and reports. Facts and figures instead of feelings!