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BYK at ECS: Pioneering Solutions - Additives for aqueous Applications

The proportion of aqueous formulations used in the coatings industry has seen a continuous increase for more than thirty years. What started as regionally limited projects with the aim of reducing emissions in living spaces, has since become a global movement that has spread out to virtually all areas of application. In the meantime, more than half of all coatings are water-based, and it is generally expected that this segment will continue to see above-average growth.

At BYK, we recognized this trend early on, and have been leading the development of appropriate additives for decades. We analyze trends and, based on our technical expertise, find solutions to problems in the most varied of applications. To date, more than 40% of our additives are already being recommended for water-based coatings and printing inks.

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Excellent optical appearence and good substrate protection are major requirements. BYK offers the right additives for solvent-borne and aqueous primer surfacers, one-coat topcoats and basecoat / clearcoat systems. Defect-free surfaces with good leveling can be achieved as well as excellent defoaming and pigment stabilization (incl. effect pigments).

High surface smoothness, very good scratch and abrasion resistance, absence of bubbles, good substrate adhesion and very good leveling are decisive characteristics for can coatings. BYK offers food contact-approved additives which can be used in solvent-based, aqueous and radiation-cured can coating systems.

Construction materials have a long tradition – yet today's demands for innovative, long-lasting construction chemical products and optimized processes on construction sites have instigated the development of new materials and technologies. BYK's decades of experience in the additive sector enable it to offer efficient solutions for the challenges of modern construction. Brochure


Across the world, increasing numbers of floors are being finished with liquidpolymer coatings. They used to only be seen in warehouses and productionsites, but now you’ll come across them in shopping centers, schools, and hospitals. These coatings are now also available to end clients, whether they be for decorative purposes in bathrooms or to roll over the old screed in the garage. Epoxy systems have the largest share in floor coatings.

Make a statement with bold, brilliant colors and a silky soft feel. BYK additives cover the whole range of effects and are compliant with global regulations for food contact.

Heavy duty coatings – the toughest industrial coatings require robust support. BYK additives boost the performance of all anti-corrosion coatings by improving specific aspects of their functionality. They are also highly practical and suitable for a wide range of applications because, depending on your requirements, they can increase color brilliance, vary a coating’s hardness or elasticity, or generally improve protective properties of the coating against environmental damage or abrasion.


Easy to clean, scratch-resistant, UV-resistant: BYK additives for wood and furniture coatings are of premium quality. Excellent surfaces with good leveling properties, no faults caused by craters or air bubbles, scratch-resistant and easy-to-clean surfaces – those are the basic requirements for wood coatings.
Pigment stabilization is an additional benefit in pigmented systems.


Standardized quality control

  • Standardized quality control

BYK-Gardner QC solutions for color and appearance control provide objective and reliable measurement data. Whether you need to control gloss, solid color or effect colors, innovative technologies guarantee excellent technical performance and visual correlation. “smart-chart” data analysis software supports you to set up a global QC management system with standardized QC procedure, tolerances and reports. Facts and figures instead of feelings!