BYK silicone additives with a significantly reduced content of cyclic siloxanes

When manufacturing silicone-based additives, the current state of technology involves the retention of certain cyclic siloxanes (D4, D5, D6) in the end product.
A re-evaluation of the hazard potential of these substances at EU level dated June 27, 2018 means that some silicone additives now require additional labeling.
The labeling requirements are to be found in Chapter 15 of the EU Safety Data Sheet, which includes details regarding content of Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC). An SVHC warning notice is obligatory if the cyclic siloxane content is 0.1% or greater.
This not only affects accompanying documentation, but it can also entail stricter occupational health and safety requirements wherever such substances are used in paints and coatings, plastics, printing inks or adhesives, and in the various end uses.

Overview of the cyclic siloxanes and their amended classification

It is important to note that the permissible threshold of 0.1% applies to each single component and not to the total of all components:

D4 < 0.1%
D5 < 0.1%     ⇒ no SVHC labeling
D6 < 0.1%

The solution: silicone additives from BYK with low cyclic siloxanes content

In order to facilitate the safe use of the silicone additives affected, BYK has purified established standard additives, and variants with low cyclic siloxanes content are now available.
At an additional stage of production, these additives undergo a purification process in which BYK utilizes its own process expertise, such as is also applied in the manufacturing of VOC-free defoamers.

The low cycles versions can be dosed and applied in the same way as the standard versions of the additives ⇒ no change in formulation required.

By way of example, the chart below compares the standard additive BYK-306 with its purified alternative BYK-3761 in a 2-pack acrylate clear coat for general industrial coating applications. The result: The surface tension and surface slip are identical; the removal of the cyclic siloxanes has no effect on the product properties.

2-pack acrylate clear coat for general industrial coating applications

Purified BYK silicone additives
with a D4, D5 or D6 content below 0.1% in each case

Standard additives with a cyclic siloxanes content of 0.1% or greater

Product groupAlternatives with a cyclic
siloxanes content of < 0.1%
BYK-017  DefoamerBYK-1707
BYK-019 DefoamerBYK-1709
BYK-300 Surface additiveBYK-3750
BYK-301  Surface additiveBYK-3751
BYK-302 Surface additiveBYK-3752
BYK-306 Surface additiveBYK-3761
BYK-307 Surface additiveBYK-3762
BYK-323 Surface additiveBYK-3780
BYK-330 Surface additiveBYK-3763
BYK-331 Surface additiveBYK-3753
BYK-342 Surface additiveBYK-3754
BYK-370 Surface additiveBYK-3770
BYK-377 Surface additiveBYK-3771
BYK-378 Surface additiveBYK-3764

Should you wish to have further information on BYK silicone additives with low cyclic siloxanes content, please do not hesitate to talk to your local BYK partner or contact us directly using the contact form.