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Liquid Coatings

Rheology Additives for Aqueous Wood & Furniture Coatings
[L-TI 8]
Additives for ED Coatings
[L-TI 3]
Paint Additives
[L-G 1]
Additives for pigment concentrates
[L-TI 1]
Solvent-free Radiation-curing Wood and Furniture Coatings
[L-TI 7]
Wood and Furniture Coatings
[L-AG 1.4]
Architectural Coatings
[L-AG 1.1]
Aqueous Industrial Coatings
[L-AG 1.2.1]
Solvent-borne and Solvent-free Industrial Coatings
[L-AG 1.2.2]
Marine and protective coatings
[L-AG 1.3]
Automotive Coatings
[L-AG 1.5]
Can Coatings
[L-AG 1.6]
Coil Coatings
[L-AG 1.7]
Additives for Radiation Curing Systems
[L-G 5]
DISPERBYK-2015 - Wetting and dispersing additive for water-based, colored protective systems
[L-AN 1]

Oil and Gas

BYK Additives for asphaltite suspensions
[OG-AN 1]
GARAMITE-1958 - Low-end rheology synergist
[OG-AN 2]
Rheology Duo for High-Temperature Drilling
[OG-A 1]
Powerful Paraffin Inhibitors
[OG-A 6]
Thinners for oil-based drilling fluids
[OG-A 2]
Crude oil demulsifiers
[OG-TI 1]
BYK-GO 8780 - an effective hydrogen sulfide scavenger
[OG-AN 3]
Defoamers for water-based drilling fluids
[OG-A 3]
Rheological Solutions for Non-Aqueous Drilling Fluids
[OG-A 4]


Epoxy Systems
[TS-G 2]
Acrylic Resins
[TS-G 4]
Unsaturated Polyester and Vinylester Resins
[TS-G 1]
Polyurethane Systems
[TS-G 3]
Additives for Casting Systems like Cultured Marble, ONYX and Polymer Concrete Based on Unsaturated Polyester
[TS-A 1]
Additives for Chemical Anchoring and Fixing Products
[TS-A 7]
Insulating Materials for Use in the Electrical and Electronics Industry
[TS-A 6]
Additives for Epoxy Applications
[TS-A 3]
Additives for Polyurethane Applications
[TS-A 8]
Our Composites Portfolio
[TS-O 1]
Ambient Curing Polyester Resins
[TS-A 4]
Gel Coats
[TS-A 2]
Additives for Sheet Molding Compounds (SMC)
[TS-A 10]
Additives for Acrylate Applications
[TS-A 9]
Additives for Putties
[TS-A 5]
Additives for Pultrusion
[TS-A 11]
Coupling Agents: Strengthening the Weakest Link in the Composites Chain
[TS-A 12]


New Generation Clay Technology for Efficient Polyolefin Reinforcement
[TP-A 4]
Light Stabilization for Polypropylene and Compounds
[TP-A 5]
Sustainable flame retardant synergists for halogen-free formulations
[TP-A 7]
Our Plastics Business
[PA-O 1]
Recycling of Thermoplastics
[TP-G 2]
Our High-Performance Thermoplastics Additives and Solutions
[TP-O 1]
Toughness Modification of Polyamide Compounds
[TP-A 6]
Wetting- and Dispersing Additive BYK-MAX D 4220
[TP-A 10]
Improved physical properties in polyamide applications using BYK-MAX CT 4275
[TP-A 9]
Additive Solutions for Recycling Applications
[TP-A 8]
Modifiers for Glass Fiber-reinforced Polypropylene
[TP-A 2]
Concentrates for Thermoplastics
[TP-G 1]
Additives for Thermoplastic Compounders
[TP-AG 1]
Additives for Thermoplastic Converters
[TP-AG 2]

Lubricants Foundry

CLAYTONE-VP V - Organoclay thickener for food contact greases
[MF-AN 1]
Additives for Lubricants
[MF-TI 2]
Foundry and Refractory
[MF-AG 2]
Lubricants and Mold Release
[MF-AG 1]
BYK-9740 - New silicone- and polymer-containing defoamer for water-based metalworking fluids with excellent spontaneous and long-term defoaming properties
[MF-XS 2]

BYK General

Cyclic Siloxanes in Silicone-based Additives
[B-G 6]
Wax Additives
[B-G 1]
The DISPERBYK-BF series - Biocide-free alternatives to established standard wetting and dispersing additives
[B-AN 2]
The DISPERBYK-TF series - Tin-free alternatives to established standard wetting and dispersing additives
[B-AN 1]
Additives from bio-based materials
[B-G 5]
Food contact
[B-G 9]

Powder Coatings

Additives for Powder Coatings
[H-AG 1]
PTFE-free textures in powder coatings with CLAYTONE and GARAMITE
[H-A 1]

Household Industrial Institutional

Additives for Detergents, Cleaning and Care Products
[HC-TI 1]
Cleaning, Surface and Fabric Care
[HC-AG 1]

Paper Coatings

Paper Coatings
[K-A 1]
Paper Coatings
[K-AG 1]
Additives for Curtain Coating
[K-A 2]
Additives for Formulating Paper Coatings
[K-A 3]
FULACOLOR Additives for High-Speed Inkjet Papers
[K-A 4]
BYK Additives for Paper Coatings
[K-O 1]

Construction Chemicals

Additives for the Construction Industry
[CO-G 1]
Construction Chemicals
[CO-AG 1]

Floor Coatings

Additives for Floor Coatings
[FL-AG 1]
Floor Coatings
[FL-TI 1]

Graphic Arts

Additives for Inkjet Inks
[GA-AG 1]
Printing Inks
[GA-G 2]
Inkjet Inks
[GA-G 1]
Additives for Printing inks
[GA-AG 2]


Our Additives for PVC Applications
[PVC-O 1]
PVC Plastisols and PVC Compounds
[PVC-AG 1]
Additives for PVC Plastisol Applications
[PVC-TI 8]


FULCAT Heterogeneous Clay Catalysts
[CA-TI 1]

Energy Storage

Energy Storage
[ET-AG 1]
Additives for Li-Ion Batteries
[ET-TI 1]

Adhesives and Sealants

Additives for Adhesives and Sealants
[AS-G 1]
Adhesives and Sealants
[AS-AG 1]
Additives for 1-pack and 2-pack Epoxy Adhesives and Sealants
[AS-TI 5]
Additives for Aqueous Pressure-sensitive Adhesives
[AS-TI 6]

Leather Finishes and Coated Fabrics

Additives for Aqueous Leather Finishes and Coated Fabrics
[LE-G 1]
Additives for Solvent-borne and High-Solid Leather Finishes and Coated Fabrics
[LE-G 2]