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Service / Repair

Check here for contacts that can help you set up or manage repairs and calibrations as well as deal with other Service related requests.

Name Phone Fax Email
Mr. Chris Ivins +1-301-483-6500 ext 7281 +1-301-483-6555

Order / Support

These contacts can help you place and manage orders, get quotations, set up returns and deal with other non-technical issues.

Name Phone Fax Email
Mrs. Sherry Brown +1-301 483-6500 ext 7203 +1-301-483-6555

Locations / Agents

The addresses and phone numbers of our Office locations can be found here:

Name Phone Fax Email
BYK-Gardner USA
9104 Guilford Road
Columbia, Maryland 21046-2729, USA
+1-301-483-6500 +1-301-483-6555