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Corrosion Inhibitors

The cost of the metallic pipelines is significant and the damage to this equipment through corrosion is one of the most expensive problems that oil companies face today. BYK’s corrosion inhibitor additives help to reduce the effects of corrosion to extend the life of the equipment and maintain the operational integrity.

An efficient corrosion inhibitor for oil field applications needs to have a unique structure with functionality, such as a polar headgroup, that can bond to the metal pipe surface, but also be compatible with other components in the system. BYK is able to utilize its vast chemical technology expertise to select and formulate certain chemical products with the necessary characteristics for corrosion inhibition. 

For example, DISPERBYK-103 and DISPERBYK-102 are products based on phosphoric acid esters and have shown good corrosion inhibition results while other products are based on fatty acid amines such as ANTI-TERRA-U 100. In addition to the polar head group modification, the hydrocarbon chain can also be varied in its polarity and length by choosing from different alkyl and polyether chains in order to achieve the necessary functionality and compatibility in the formulation and medium.

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