Additives for Wood & Furniture Coatings

Easy to clean, scratch-resistant, UV-resistant: BYK additives for wood and furniture coatings create surfaces of premium quality. Excellent surfaces with good leveling properties, no faults caused by craters or air bubbles, scratch-resistant and easy-to-clean surfaces – those are the basic requirements for wood coatings. Pigment stabilization is an additional benefit in pigmented systems.

The requirements are particularly high for kitchen furnishings and flooring. The design depends on the customers’ preferences. Thus you can find high gloss furniture in China, dull-matt flooring in the US, and beautifully colorful kitchens in Europe in just one year. It is important that the surfaces not only look outstanding but also feel great. They must be easy to clean and fulfill certain mechanical resistance properties. Different systems are used in different places of the world but the trend goes more and more from solvent-borne coatings to aqueous and UV systems. BYK Additives do not only offer solutions for different problems but also a high level of quality improvement. Particularly BYK Additives with nanoparticles feature special property combinations such as transparency, scratch-resistance, UV-resistance and a long life cycle that the conventional materials simply cannot provide.

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