Basic building blocks of color

Visual color perception is influenced by our individual color preferences depending on our personal experience and memory, varying environmental conditions such as lightness and color, as well as on the deficiency to communicate and document color.

The CIE standardized light source and observer guarantee an objective description of colored objects. Only the use of standardized color instruments with internationally specified color systems can solve the shortcomings of visual perception.    


  • What factors play a fundamental role in the perception of color?
  • What are a standard illuminant and a standard observer?
  • Interaction between light & object: Reflection, Absorption, Diffusion
  • Fundamentals of CIELAB System

Seminar Registration

Deutsch: 19. August, 10:00 (MEZ)
English EU: 19. August, 15:00 (CET), 14:00 (GMT)
English US: 20. August, 10:00 am (EST)