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Noveaux Additifs

09.01.2018 - DISPERBYK-2157

DISPERBYK-2157 Additif mouillant et dispersant sans solvant ni COV pour les  systèmes non polaires

DISPERBYK-2157 est un additif mouillant et dispersant sans solvant ni COV pour le jet d’encre, les encres d’imprimerie, les peintures pour le bâtiment, les peintures anticorrosion et les plastisols PVC solvantés ou sans solvant. Cet additif a une excellente compatibilité avec les solvants tels que les paraffines, les isoparaffines, les huiles végétales, les huiles minérales ou les plastifiants. DISPERBYK-2157 est recommandé pour tout type de pigment et améliore grandement les propriétés optiques telles que la force colorante, la transparence et le brillant. DISPERBYK-2157 permet une forte réduction de la viscosité de broyage et une bonne stabilité dans les encres d’imprimerie et les peintures. Dans les applications PVC, l’additif réduit fortement la viscosité du lot et du plastisol final et, de plus, apporte une excellente stabilité thermique.

19.12.2017 - BYK-1797

BYK-1797 Silicone-containing defoamer for 100 % UV printing inks and OPV. Especially recommended for screen printing inks

Due to their rheological profile, and since they are particularly prone to foaming during application, screen printing inks are especially challenging for defoamers. BYK-1797 offers two advantages. It has strong defoaming properties even at extremely low dosages, but with a little more, leveling can also be greatly improved. Newtonian radiation-curable systems such as UV flexographic inks or substrate printing inks often require additives both to eliminate foam, which may be carried through an enclosed doctor blade and to provide substrate wetting.

19.12.2017 - DISPERBYK-2023

DISPERBYK-2023 Solvent-borne wetting and dispersing additive for liquid printing inks based on TPU, TPA, NC, and vinyl copolymers

Modern solvent-borne printing inks are becoming increasingly polar. That is why it is particularly challenging to find suitable, compatible dispersing additives for NC-based printing inks. At the same time, PU and vinyl systems result in increased polarity as well as a faster printing process. BYK has responded to market demand and developed DISPERBYK-2023. This additive offers optimal dispersion and stabilization of organic pigments, as well as outstanding compatibility across a wide polarity range. DISPERBYK-2023 provides the formulation with virtually Newtonian flow behavior and itself contains a highly volatile solvent. The outstanding properties of DISPERBYK-2023 result in high application speeds with high levels of printing quality, combined with outstanding process reliability.