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NEW spectro2guide – Special Introduction Price

We celebrate the launch of our spectro2guide – the next generation of color measurement – with a special introduction price.  Special Offer Starting May 1st, 2018.

spectro2guide – Touch the color

  • Operation and handling follow the rule “Keept it simple”
  • Top performance with digital standards
  • Combination of spectrophotometer

Regular list price

€ 11.500 
$ 13.500


Special Introduction Price

€ 09.900
$ 11.900


Please register on to get a really unique and cool gift:
The mini pocket umbrella changes color when getting wet – creating a touch the color live experience!

Special Package Offers: 10% Discount

Receive on 10% discount on special packages for industrial and automotive solutions.
Special Offer Starting April 1st, 2018.

Solution for Industrial Users

Additional product information and specifications for spectro2guide and byko-spectra pro.

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Solution for Automotive

Additional product information and specification BYK-mac i, wave-scan, cloud-runner as well as byko-spectra pro and temp-gard pro

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Special offer for Preventive Maintenance

Send in your micro-gloss or spectro-guide by July 2018 and save 50% on the Preventive Maintenance for your 2nd instrument. 

Our Preventive Maintenance includes:
  • Thorough cleaning of optical system
  • Comprehensive test of instrument functionality: anything from simple functioning of “operate buttons” to complex technical performance check
  • Ensure technical specification for repeatability and inter-instrument agreement are fulfilled.
  • Firmware and Software update

Final Inspection Step
  • Control of calibration and checking standards
  • Factory calibration certificate or traceable ISO/IEC 17025 certificate

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NEW temp-gard dual - Oven Temperature Recorder

Special Package Price for detailed temperature logging of up to 24 measurement positions: 
Special Offer starting July 1st, 2017:

Europe and Far East  Americas
Cat. No. 3329  temp-gard dual    18%20%

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Additional product information and specifications please find here.

Experience temp-gard in a short video here.

NEW micro-gloss - the unsurpassed reference for any application

Experience the new micro-gloss in a short video here.
Special Offer starting June 1st, 2017:

Europe and Far East   Americas
Cat. No. 4561   micro-gloss 60°   11%14%
Cat. No. 4563micro-TRI-gloss9%6%

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Additional product information and specifications please find here.

Single Applicator Bar

Any bar from any company can be traded in for a 38% rate reduction on any single-gap bar.


Additional product information and specifications please find here.

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Grindometer/Grind Gage

Any grind gage from any company can be traded in for 23% off on any new grind gage.


Additional product information and specifications please find here.

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byko-visc DS

Receive 19% trade in allowance twoards a new byko-visc DS.

Cat. No. 8324   byko-visc DS

Additional product information and specifications please find here.

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Zahn Cups

Trade-in a Zahn Cup and receive a 36% credit off a new Zahn cup. Offer applies to cups below.

Cat. No. 8201  Zahn Type Cup No. 1
Cat. No. 8202Zahn Type Cup No. 2
Cat. No. 8203Zahn Type Cup No. 3
Cat. No. 8204Zahn Type Cup No. 4
Cat. No. 8205Zahn Type Cup No. 5


Additional product information and specifications please find here.

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BYK-Gardner USA Promotions only

Inventory Specials for US

Special priced items for sale. First come first served. Items sold based on availability.

List of items attached.

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Item #DescriptionQtyUMList PriceSale PriceDiscount
4553BYK-Gardner micro-gloss 751PC$3,995.00$1,979.3650%

Item #DescriptionQtyUMList PriceSale PriceDiscount
100860210GARDNER CLR STDS SET UNMOUNTED13EA$1,395.00$837.0040%
6042Light booth, byko-spectra mini TL84, 115V1PC$787.00$393.5050%

Item #DescriptionQtyUMList PriceSale PriceDiscount
100865545Bird Type Applicator SS 2x4 mil wet film6EA$343.00$136.9560%
150000022BYKO CHART,3A,BN MOORE FRENCH56BX$53.00$26.5050%
150000021BYKO CHART,W11,BN MOORE FRENCH53BX$55.00$19.2565%
150000067byko-chart Brushout 2DX, special size2BX$53.00$26.5050%
2821byko-chart Opacity-Display 21B53BX$82.00$24.6070%
100861215byko-chart PE film, 7 mils28BX$87.00$52.2040%
2628Film Application Device, PT-26231PC$2,252.00


2327Film Casting Knife, 15 cm12PC$714.00$428.4040%

Item #DescriptionQtyUMList PriceSale PriceDiscount
1634Sartorius Practum 5101-1S Balance1PC$1,483.00$815.6545%
100861004Sartorius Quintix 612-1S Balance1PC$1,561.00$1,014.6535%

Item #DescriptionQtyUMList PriceSale PriceDiscount
9095Paint Testing Manual61PC$351.00$175.5050%

Item #DescriptionQtyUMList PriceSale PriceDiscount
8605SS Jar Mill14PC$292.00$146.0050%
1520Wedge Print Plate, Warren-25PC$725.00$362.5050%
1521Wedge Print Plate, Warren-38PC$725.00$352.5050%

Item #DescriptionQtyUMList PriceSale PriceDiscount
100861414Drying Time Recorder , BK3, 1/2/4HR1PC$2,492.00$1,495.2040%

Item #DescriptionQtyUMList PriceSale PriceDiscount
5530Drop Dart Impact Tester, A1PC$7,288.00$5,466.0025%

Item #DescriptionQtyUMList PriceSale PriceDiscount
100860957Moisture Analyzer, MA35M, 115V2PC$3,395.00$2,546.2525%

Item #DescriptionQtyUMList PriceSale PriceDiscount
75901/23 CAP 1000+ L, 115V1PC$5,753.00$4,890.0515%
4968Brookfield Helio Stand, 110V1PC$1,030.00$824.0020%
100860427Brookfield Rheometer, DV3THB, 90-260V1EA$4,667.00$4,200.3010%
100860424Brookfield Rheometer, DV3TLV, 90-260V1EA$4,667.00$4,200.3010%
100860422Brookfield viscometer DV1MHB, 90-260V1EA$2,861.00$2,431.8515%
100860420Brookfield viscometer DV1MRV, 90-260V1EA$2,861.00$2,431.8515%
100860430Brookfield viscometer DV2THA, 90-260V1EA$3,690.00$3,136.5015%
7904Brookfield viscometer HADV-E, 115V2PC$2,220.00$1,887.0015%
7906Brookfield viscometer HBDV-E, 115V2PC$2,220.00$1,887.0015%
100860408Brookfield viscometer HBT, 115V/60 HZ1EA$1,976.00$1,679.6015%
4913Brookfield viscometer RV/HA/HB Spindle No.31PC$59.00$53.1010%
4915Brookfield viscometer RV/HA/HB Spindle No.51PC$56.00$50.4010%
4975Brookfield viscometer ThermoChamber 110V1PC$3,225.00$2,741.2515%
7582Brookfield viscometer Viscosity Standard CAP3H1PC$95.00$71.2525%
7583Brookfield viscometer Viscosity Standard CAP4H1PC$95.00$71.2525%
7574Brookfield viscometer Viscosity Standard CAP5L1PC$95.00$71.2525%
7557CAP 1000+ H, 115V1PC$5,753.00$4,890.0515%
7210Flow Cup Stand with water jacket6PC$490.00$195.7060%
8336Viscometer, byko-visc Advanced EX H2PC$3,652.00$2,750.0025%
8333Viscometer, byko-visc Advanced H1PC$2,900.00$2,030.0030%
8331Viscometer, byko-visc Advanced L1PC$2,900.00$2,030.0030%
8332Viscometer, byko-visc Advanced R2PC$2,900.00$2,175.0025%
8329Viscometer, byko-visc Basic EX R2PC$2,775.00$1,942.530%