Vidéos sur les tests physiques



Are you interested in the abrasion resistance of your paints and coatings? The Gardner-scrub abrasion tester offers a versatile design for abrasion and washability testing applications.
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Coating hardness is the resistance of a coating to a mechanical force such as pressure, rubbing, or scratching. Convince yourself that the Pendulum Hardness tester is very precise measurement of hardness using either a König or Persoz pendulum.
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Impact Tester

Impact resistance is measured by a falling weight from a controlled distance. BYK-Gardner offers a wide variety of models and accessories to comply with ASTM and ISO methods related to a resistance tester. Discover how simple and easy an impact test can be done.
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Discover a simple and easily practicable method for evaluating the adhesion of single-or multi-coat systems. This video demonstrates how to execute a cross-cut test correctly.
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temp-gard - Enregistreur de Température de Four

Etes-vous intéressé par le process de cuisson de cuisson sous contrôle ? L’enregistreur de température temp-gard combiné avec le logiciel temp-chart ne mesure pas seulement la température de votre four ou de vos pièces, il vous donne aussi en détail les valeurs critiques, de la température minimale au temps de cuisson le plus court et l’analyse de la tendance.
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Viscosity Cups

See how easy it is to measure the efflux time with a Flow Cup and get to know the BYK-Gardner Range of Viscosity Cups along the way.
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Discover how to improve consistency and quality of drawdowns with automatic film application.
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byko-cut universal

Interested in measuring Film Thickness, Adhesion and Hardness with only one instrument? byko-cut, a true multi-purpose tool.
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