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Wesel, April 28, 2014

BYK-3560 – Additive for increasing the surface energy of cured coatings

Wesel, April 28, 2014 – Until now it has only been possible to either reduce the surface energy of cured coatings by adding silicone additives or to maintain its original level by adding acrylate leveling additives. Using the new BYK-3560 the surface energy of cured coatings can now even be increased.

BYK-3560 is based on macromer technology which, as a result of the combination of product properties, opens up new avenues in terms of surface modification. BYK-3560 increases the surface energy of cured coatings overall, especially the polarity resulting in an improvement in the adhesion of subsequent layers such as paints, lamination foils, adhesives, printing inks etc.

This additive also provides better wetting of the cured coating by the subsequent layer and a very good leveling of subsequent layers. Additionally, it improves the leveling of the system in which it is being used. BYK-3560 does not influence the surface tension of the liquid coating and retains the high transparency of clear coats.

BYK-3560 is silicone- and fluorine-free and has 100 % active substance. Its usage is recommended to a wide range of systems: aqueous, solvent-borne, UV-curable, and high solid.