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Advanced Composites with BYK Additives

To fully utilize the potentials of advanced composites and optimize their manufacture, the use of special additives of BYK is extremely beneficial.

Wind Power is one of the key technologies of our time – it has already become an indispensable medium in the worldwide energy industry. In view of the limited availability ofraw materials and more ambitious climate objectives, the significance of this alternative sourceof energy is set to increase in the future. With its high-quality plastic additives, BYK is making a considerable contribution towards increasing the performance values of wind turbines andthereby further boosting the market development of this steadily growing global sector.

For example our coupling agents from the C-8000 series offer a number of key advantages, which breathe new life into the development of highly efficient wind turbines, as they enable:

  •  The production of longer components and larger rotor blades
  •  Savings on materials, thanks to increased strength
  •  More freedom and therefore cost savings when selecting raw materials
  •  More energy efficient and durable mechanical structures
  •  The acceleration of the production process

The BYK Advanced Composites Team offers you:

  •  Wetting and dispersing additives for the improved wetting of high-performance fibers in the plastic
  •  Additives for sizing high-performance fibers
  •  Additives to enhance the flow behavior of the molten plastics
  •  Coupling agents for the best possible bonding between fibers and the plastic matrix
  •  Process additives to optimize the manufacturing process
  •  Joint testing and optimization of your formulation in BYK technology centers
  •  Individual consultation for your application
  •  Specially developed measuring system for characterizing the surface properties of high-performance

Markets we serve

Wind energyMarine constructionSports/leisure
AutomotiveAviation and aerospace

BYK Product Families for Advanced Composites

Coupling agents for
thermoplastic composite materials

SCONA modifiers

Coupling agents for
thermoset composite materials

BYK-C series
Rheology additives
Thix boosters, solid thixotropes
Additives for glass-fiber

AQUACER emulsions

Processing additives
BYK-P series
Modified clays
Reinforcing fillers
Additives for fiber wetting
BYK-P 9920, BYK-9076


BYK develops the first coupling agent for carbon fibers. BYK-C 8013 is a solvent-free, polymeric coupling agent for improving the mechanical strength of carbon-fiber-reinforced, radical-curing systems, and it is the world’s first coupling agent for carbon fibers.