RHEOBYK - our organic rheology additives

BYK has bundled together some 40 organic and well-proven products from its wide-ranging rheology portfolio under this new brand name. In doing so, BYK is accentuating the organic additives in its broad rheology assortment.

The formulations of the additives and their technical data will remain unchanged under the new brand name. But in future, the RHEOBYK brand itself will allow to identify the organic products at a glance.


The RHEOBYK range includes the BYK-400 series additives, for example, as well as the OPTIFLO family and other products more like:


Liquid, Polyamide-based Rheology Additive for Modern Aqueous Systems

Over the past years, the focus of developments in protective coatings has increasingly moved to aqueous systems based on epoxy dispersions. These coatings are highly pigmented and applied in thick layers, requiring the rheological properties to be controlled using a suitable additive. The established products are only slightly or even not at all effective, and some are completely incompatible in epoxy dispersions.
The new, polyamide-based RHEOBYK-440, however, is a tailor-made solution for these modern, water-based systems. RHEOBYK-440 does not only provide outstanding anti-sagging and anti-settling properties in water-based protective coatings, it is also recommended for usage in many other applications such as automotive coatings, general industrial coatings, wood and furniture coatings, architectural costings and floor coatings. It can also be used e.g. to achieve a good effect pigment orientation. 



  • Especially designed for the latest water-borne epoxy systems
    • Improves anti-sagging and anti-settling properties
    • Provides fast structure recovery. Highly shear thinning
    • Stable rheology when mixed with hardener
    • Stable viscosity over storage
  • Easy to handle and to incorporate
    • Pre-activated, liquid product
    • Post-addition highly recommended
    • No pH-value adjustment necessary; pH-value resistant
  • Final coating properties are not affected (e.g. corrosion resistance, adhesion)

VOC-, APEO- and Tin-free Associative Thickener (HEUR) for Aqueous Systems, to Generate a Highly Pseudoplastic Flow Behavior

The addition of pigment concentrates in a basic paint to achieve the desired color can cause problems with regard to rheological behavior. Any co-solvents, imported water or wetting and dispersing additives contained in the pigment concentrates can bring about a significant reduction in the viscosity of the finished paint. With RHEOBYK-7600, BYK is offering a unique associative thickener based on a new technology. RHEOBYK-7600 leads to a considerable increase in the viscosity in the low shear range, stabilizes the viscosity when the colorant is added, and improves the color paste acceptance. The new additive also offers a significantly better leveling properties. As well as being VOC-, APEO-, and tin-free, RHEOBYK-7600 is also liquid, which facilitates incorporation and handling. Due to its composition, it is highly compatible in many aqueous systems. The sagging tendency and the storage stability are improved.



  • Very good viscosity stability after tinting
  • Balanced ratio of anti-sagging and leveling
  • Improved colorant acceptance
  • Improved anti-settling and anti-sagging properties
  • Good compatibility with different systems
  • Easy handling and incorporation due to the viscosity of the additive
  • VOC-, APEO- and tin-free

VOC- APEO- and Tin-free Associative Thickener for Aqueous Systems, to Generate Highly Pseudoplastic Flow Behavior

RHEOBYK-7610 is a VOC-, APEO- and tin-free associative thickener for aqueous systems, to generate highly pseudoplastic flow behavior. RHEOBYK-7610 considerably increases the viscosity in the low shear range and also provides very good flow. The additive is liquid and therefore easy to handle. Storage stability is improved. It is not necessary to specifically adjust the pH value or control the temperature during incorporation. When combined with rheology additives which are effective in the high shear range, it enables an optimum processability. RHEOBYK-7610 is highly recommended for use in systems for airless application.


  • Highly effective in the low shear range
  • Self-leveling properties with good anti-sagging
  • Stops dropping of coating systems
  • Thick layers by means of spray application (airless/airmix/HVLP)
  • Adds higher elasticity to the system
  • Easy incorporation
  • No pH value adjustment and no temperature control required
  • VOC-, APEO- and tin-free

VOC-free Associative Thickener for the High Shear Range

The associative thickener, RHEOBYK-L 1400 VF, is an additive that brings about a Newtonian flow behavior. Its use is recommended if the aqueous coating has an excessively strong shear thinning effect and the viscosity decreases too much during application. The product ensures that the viscosity in the high shear ranges, such as in brush or roller applications, remains at a high level. This results in a stronger brushability, an increase in the achievable coating thickness and a reduction in spattering. RHEOBYK-L 1400 VF is very versatile in terms of applications and can be used in a wide range of dispersions (acrylate, styrene acrylate, vinyl acetate, epoxy) as well as in alkyd emulsions. The additive is suitable for any production step and also for post-addition. RHEOBYK-L 1400 VF requires no temperature activation or control of the pH value.


Further Benefits

  • Easy incorporation
  • Excellent balance of flow behavior and leveling