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Additives for Thermoplastics

Various modifiers and process additives are available to improve the mechanical properties of filled, thermoplastic compounds. Using process additives improves a compound's processing properties. In addition, our modifiers improve the compatibility of otherwise incompatible polymers. It is also possible to reduce VOC emissions by using our process additives.

Color masterbatches: Wetting and dispersing additives with a low melting point and high pigment affinity are best suitable to produce optimum pigment wetting and stabilization with color masterbatches. The result: color masterbatches without agglomerates and a high color yield.

Liquid color masterbatches for thermoplastic applications with a high pigment content should have as low a viscosity as possible due to the improved pump and flow capacity. BYK additives make this possible.

Compounds: Processing additives improve processing characteristics and mechanical properties of the thermoplastic compounds. It is also possible to reduce odor and VOC emissions.

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