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New BYK website: faster, better, more attractive

Customers of the specialty chemicals manufacturer BYK have cause for celebration: At the beginning of June, the even more informative, more modern, and more service-oriented website went live.

With its freshly designed internet presence,, the start signal has sounded for the continuous development of existing and new online services that mirror BYK’s digital competence. The Additives ( and Instruments ( sections have been separated, so that web users can find the relevant content they need even more quickly.

Another new feature is that the product data on the website are based on a modernized product information management system (PIM). By virtue of this central product data management, visitors to the website can always rely on optimum data quality and up-to-datedness from BYK. Thus, at all times, consistent product communication towards customers is ensured via all online channels.

In addition to this, sample ordering has been simplified, system and data security further improved, new content processed, and the means of contacting the BYK experts reduced to just a single click.

“The new attractive web design emphasizes the innovation claim of the brand BYK and offers an opportunity to present the relevant content for our customers by means of targeted and intuitive navigation,” says Dr. Anette Brüne, Global Head of Marketing & Sales Services at BYK.

Press Releases | 6월 10일 2020년

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