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14.08.2018 - CERACOL 605

CERACOL 605 - Wax Additive to Improve the Surface Properties of Solvent-borne and Water-borne Coating Formulations with a High Co-solvent Proportion, Especially Can Coatings

CERACOL 605 is a very fine wax dispersion based on carnauba wax, and has been specially developed for can coatings with thin layers. CERACOL 605 contains butylglycol, and is ideal for solvent-borne and aqueous systems with a high proportion of co-solvent. The additive provides low COF values, an excellent scratch resistance and good optical properties, even in the case of thin layers. CERACOL 605 fulfills all food contact legal status requirements, and can be used both for internal and external coatings.

14.08.2018 - AQUACER 1540

AQUACER 1540 - Wax Additive to Improve the Surface Properties of Water-borne Coating Formulations, Especially Can Coatings

AQUACER 1540 is a wax emulsion based on carnauba wax, and has been specially developed for can coatings with thin layers. It is particularly recommended for the area of aqueous can coatings. The additive provides low COF values, an excellent scratch resistance and has no negative impact on gloss, even in the case of thin layers. AQUACER 1540 fulfills all food contact legal status requirements, and can be used both for internal and external coatings.

07.08.2018 - BYK-1680

BYK-1680 - VOC-free, Liquid Defoamer for Water-borne Construction Material Applications, in Particular in Combination with Concrete Additives Based on Polycarboxylate Ethers

BYK-1680 is characterized by a very good spontaneous and controlled long-lasting defoaming effect as well as by an excellent miscibility in aqueous polymer solutions and building material formulations. Due to the very good compatibility neither phase separation nor turbidity occur in concrete admixtures. BYK-1680 is long-term stable even at elevated storage temperatures, improves the flow behavior and can be added to the end system at any time during production, without any limitation.

10.07.2018 - BYK-3456

BYK-3456 - Fluorine-free, Silicone-containing Additive to Improve Substrate Wetting and Leveling in Aqueous Systems and Solvent-free UV Coatings

BYK-3456 is a fluorine-free silicone additive that greatly reduces the dynamic and static surface tension. Even rough and porous substrates (e.g. wood) are wetted perfectly. As BYK-3456 is active both at the interface to the substrate and at the surface, the additive simultaneously improves substrate wetting and leveling. In contrast with many other additives, however, BYK-3456 does not stabilize foam.

26.06.2018 - DISPERPLAST-1180

DISPERPLAST-1180 Low-volatile and solvent-free wetting and dispersing additive for filled, plasticizer-containing PVC dryblends/compounds

The new DISPERPLAST-1180 is a very efficient wetting and dispersing additive for highly filled systems in which conventional processing aids and standard wetting and dispersing additives reach their limits. Quite regularly, the filler content in formulations is increased in order to improve the efficiency causing undesirable effects. The use of DISPERPLAST-1180, however, does not only facilitate reducing the formulation costs by increasing the filler content, it also improves the quality of the end product. DISPERPLAST-1180 is therefore particularly suitable for high-quality laminated systems such as PVC design floorings (LVT).

26.06.2018 - AQUACER 583

AQUACER 583 Wax emulsion to improve the surface characteristics of seed coatings

Seed coatings are the current standard in agriculture. The reasons for this are many. An applied protective film prior to use increases the productivity on-site through better processing conditions and higher protection against outside influences. AQUACER 583 is a new non-ionic wax emulsion for aqueous seed coatings. The additive improves the abrasion resistance, the free-flowing and plantability of the seeds. Additionally AQUACER 583 hat a positive impact on gloss and anti-blocking properties.

13.02.2018 - BYK-325 N

BYK-325 N γ-Butyrolactone-free Surface Additive for Solvent-borne Coatings

The new BYK-325 N is equal in performance to well-known BYK-325 but avoids any exports restrictions because it is free from γ-butyrolactone.

13.02.2018 - BYK-1166

BYK-1166 Wetting additive for PVC plastisols to reduce the viscosity in the low shear range
Currently not available in North America

The new BYK-1166 is the latest development within the BYK-1160 series. All of these products work very effectively to reduce the low shear viscosity of PVC plastisols based on pseudo-plastic PVC grades. Occasionally, in PVC plastisols containing azodicarbonamide (AZO) as a blowing agent, the additives of the BYK-1160 family can cause yellowing in the final product. This is a limiting factor – especially in the wallcovering industry. BYK has therefore developed BYK-1166 which has been evaluated within the European PVC foam resins most widely used in the industry. The latest member of the BYK-1160 family has low volatility and can be used in a wide range of PVC applications (except low fogging for automotive). It is especially recommended for chemically foamed PVC plastisols where white index and surface properties are of importance. BYK-1166 shows the best heat stability of all products within the BYK-1160 family.

06.02.2018 - BYK-C 8013

BYK-C 8013 Solvent-free, polymeric coupling agent to increase the mechanical strength of carbon fiber-reinforced, radical-curing systems
Currently not available in North America

BYK-C 8013 is the world’s first coupling agent for carbon fibers. It is used in vinyl ester and unsaturated polyester resins that will be subsequently processed with carbon fibers into composite components. Strengths transverse to the fiber are considerably increased and therefore enable a greater design freedom. The improved fiber-matrix bonding in BYK-C 8013 increases both the transverse tensile strength as well as the flexural strength of the composite. The chemical composition of the additive enables bonding to the fibers and simultaneously to the resin matrix. This unique characteristic allows changes in the component design and the production of more resilient parts. BYK-C 8013 shows a considerable increase in mechanical strengths up to 70% particularly in hot curing processes such as SMC/BMC, Pultrusion, Prepreg or RTM. The reactive additive can be added to the sizing during the fiber production or to the resin shortly before processing.
As a subsequent so-called “second sizing”, BYK-C 8013 can be applied onto the fiber, for example by spraying, without having to remove the first sizing beforehand. BYK-C 8013 is recommended for all carbon fiber types.

09.01.2018 - DISPERBYK-2157

DISPERBYK-2157 VOC- and solvent-free wetting and dispersing additive for non-polar systems

DISPERBYK-2157 is a VOC- and solvent-free wetting and dispersing additive for non-polar solvent-borne and solvent-free inkjet inks, printing inks, protective and architectural coatings as well as PVC plastisols. The additive is excellent compatible with solvents, like paraffins, isoparaffins, vegetable oils, mineral oils or plasticizers. DISPERBYK-2157 is recommended for all kinds of pigments and greatly improves optical properties such a color strength, transparency and gloss. In inks and coatings applications DISPERBYK-2157 provides a strong reduction of the mill base viscosity and a good stability. In PVC applications the additive shows a strong decrease of batch and final plastisol viscosity and moreover offers an excellent heat stability.