Physical Test Videos



Are you interested in the abrasion resistance of your paints and coatings? The Gardner-scrub abrasion tester offers a versatile design for abrasion and washability testing applications.
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Coating hardness is the resistance of a coating to a mechanical force such as pressure, rubbing, or scratching. Convince yourself that the Pendulum Hardness tester is very precise measurement of hardness using either a König or Persoz pendulum.
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Impact Tester

Impact resistance is measured by a falling weight from a controlled distance. BYK-Gardner offers a wide variety of models and accessories to comply with ASTM and ISO methods related to a resistance tester. Discover how simple and easy an impact test can be done.
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Discover a simple and easily practicable method for evaluating the adhesion of single- or multi-coat systems. This video demonstrates how to execute a cross-cut test correctly.
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temp-gard – Oven Temperature Recorder

Are you interested in controlling curing processes ? temp-gard – Oven Temperature Recorder combined with temp-chart Software not only measures oven and object temperatures, it also enables a detailed data analysis with critical values, curing index and trend analysis.
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Viscosity Cups

See how easy it is to measure the efflux time with a Flow Cup and get to know the BYK-Gardner Range of Viscosity Cups along the way.
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Discover how to improve consistency and quality of drawdowns with automatic film application.
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byko-cut universal

Interested in measuring Film Thickness, Adhesion and Hardness with only one instrument? byko-cut, a true multi-purpose tool.
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