BYK Additives & Instruments

BYK additives minimize the environmental impact of your aqueous systems!

BYK concentrates on aqueous systems as a technology of the future. Water-based coatings are the modern alternative to conventional systems. In most cases, they are just as efficient and easy to process, and are cost-effective and environmentally friendly to boot. At the same time, they pose no risk to the health of users and end-consumers.

BYK is your competent partner for aqueous coatings.
At BYK laboratories all over the world, our employees develop custom solutions. Our application technology department offers you support in finding solutions to your current needs.
All in the high BYK quality you have come to expect!

Under the name “Greenability”, BYK can offer high performance additives and technical know-how that minimize the environmental impact of our customers’ solutions. To this end, we have been conducting in-depth research and development for decades.

Here we present some selected additives for aqueous systems.