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AQUATIX is BYKs range of aqueous wax emulsions for rheology control. Wax additives have many areas of application. They can be used, for example, to control the processability of products or to adjust rheological properties. Waxes can be of a natural, semisynthetic or synthetic origin. The fundamental properties are derived from the chemical basis, the melting point and the polarity of a wax. The AQUATIX rheology additive improves the orientation of effect pigments and reduces cloudiness/mottling. At the same time it reduces sedimentation in the coatings during storage and processing. In comparison with polyurethane thickeners the additive displays a lower cosolvent sensitivity and incorporation and handling (ready to use) is significantly easier compared with clays and acrylate thickeners.
Key benefits
  • Wax additives
  • Aqueous wax emulsions
  • Rheology additives
  • Especially for effect pigments
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