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BYK Additive Guide app: new design – new technology – more functions

BYK has transformed its well-known Additive Guide into an even more user-friendly and informative Additive Guide app. The fresh design comes with new technology and enhanced functionalities for users.

Analogous to the BYK website, the app recommends products based on numerous filter options in multiple application fields. Users can also find comprehensive product information by searching BYK brands. Data sheets for each product are available for download and can be consulted offline. Last but not least, favorites make it easier to find your products quickly.
In addition to these familiar functions, the new app now also offers an additional product search function. Power users will appreciate the option of only having to enter the number of an additive – e.g. “190” for DISPERBYK-190. New products are labeled accordingly.

“The new Additive Guide app is a starting point to expand the app as a true service channel. The use of agile project methods will ensure continuous development and rapid customer added value in the upcoming versions,” says Maik Dudda, Product Owner BYK App.

BYK Additive Guide App

The new Additive Guide app was published in the App Store and in the Google Play Store recently.

Press Releases | May 19일 2021년

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