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Learn more about CERATIX

CERATIX is BYKs range of rheology-modifying wax dispersions in organic solvents Wax additives have many areas of application. They can be used, for example, to control the processability of products or to adjust rheological properties. Waxes can be of a natural, semisynthetic or synthetic origin. The fundamental properties are derived from the chemical basis, the melting point and the polarity of a wax. CERATIX is especially used for solvent-borne effect coating systems to improve the orientation of effect pigments. It e.g. reduces settling of the effect pigments, improves the orientation of effect pigments, reduces large-scale clouding and minimizes short-wave defects. It enhances the flip-flop effect and improves the leveling of the subsequent clear coating.
Key benefits
  • Wax additives
  • Rheology additives
  • Wax dispersion in organic solvent
  • Especially for effect pigments
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