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BYK with an eye on sustainability: new PTFE-free wax additives

Classic PTFE-based wax additives possess special properties that other materials do not have – they offer outstanding scratch and abrasion resistance in a whole range of areas of application. For some time now, however, the use of PTFE has been viewed increasingly critically at a global level.

Because of this, BYK has developed PTFE-free wax additives that not only are safe to apply, but that also ensure outstanding application results:


On account of their special formulation, when compared with standard additives, these additives display comparable mechanical properties in terms of scratch and abrasion resistance and of surface slip. Added to which – due to their fine particle size distribution – they are ideal for use in clearcoats and systems with low film thickness. In aqueous systems containing cosolvents, it is possible to achieve a matting effect.

BYK Sustainable Products

All three micronized wax additives are suitable for aqueous, solvent-borne, solvent-free, and UV coating systems, yet they also differ from each other in their areas of application:

These three innovative and sustainable products will play an inspiring role in the new digital BYK Live Event on May 24, 2022. Make use of this opportunity to participate with a view to increasing your knowledge lead.

You can register for the event here:

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Press Releases | 4월 28일 2022년

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