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CERAFLOUR 1001 and CERAFLOUR 1002: sustainability par excellence

The subject of sustainability in product development has enjoyed a high status in almost all areas of the economy for several years. In addition to the product's direct properties and effects, questions related to environmental impact, chemical basis and energy consumption frequently also play a significant role.
BYK recognized this trend many years ago, and began developing particularly sustainable additives. The first was CERAFLOUR 1000, a bio-based polymer that was successfully launched on the market in 2011. It has all the properties of conventional additives manufactured using either natural or synthetic waxes, but is based on > 97% renewable raw materials and is fully biodegradable.

BYK is now supplementing this successful approach with two more biopolymers that utilize the same raw material: CERAFLOUR 1001 and CERAFLOUR 1002.
Both additives offer outstanding matting and surface protection in aqueous, solvent-borne, solvent-free, UV coatings and printing inks, while maintaining high transparency.
CERAFLOUR 1001 has a very fine particle size for maximum transparency whereas CERAFLOUR 1002 demonstrates the highest matting efficiency and, due to a larger particle size, enables the formation of a light surface texture. 

By launching these new additives, BYK is once again supporting the coating industry in achieving its specific environmental goals.

Press Releases | 10월 27일 2021년

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Image: The CERAFLOUR series is based on carbon from renewable sources.(.tif)
Image: High transparency and low haze with CERAFLOUR 1001 and 1002.(.tif)
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