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OPTIBENT additives are BYK's powdered phyllosilicates especially for construction chemicals. OPTIBENT rheology additives are phyllosilicates that have been specially developed to meet the demands of construction formulations such as dry-mix mortars and paste systems. They make it possible to influence and control specific properties such as viscosity, yield point (stability), and workability. OPTIBENT additives are suitable for use in all mineral-based systems such as adhesives, reinforcement mortars, plasters and screeds. OPTIBENT additives provide the efficient and consistent control of construction formulations such as plasters, mortars, screeds, and adhesives.
Wesentliche Vorteile
  • Rheology additives
  • Increased sag control
  • Improved workability
  • Better flow
  • Longer open times
  • No negative impact on cement hydration
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