Additives for Inkjet Inks

To a great extent, inkjet inks depend on dispersion of pigments into particles that are as fine as possible. At the same time, a Newtonian flow together with excellent stabilization of the pigment dispersions is required. BYK provides wetting and dispersing additives for this purpose, which cover the entire range of pigments used for inkjet inks.

Its range includes additive recommendations for conventional aqueous and solvent-borne systems and for UV-curing systems, with solvent-borne products categorized even further as “mild-solvent” (“eco-solvent”) and “strong-solvent” additives. Furthermore, different technologies are available, such as drop-on-demand and continuous inkjet.

While the product focus is on pigment wetting and stabilization, our range also contains additives for improving surface properties (leveling, surface slip, substrate wetting, abrasion resistance) to optimize droplet formation and prevent foam.

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