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RHEOBYK-7650 / RHEOBYK-7670 / RHEOBYK-7690

New family of solid non-dusting and biocide-free rheology additives for aqueous systems

RHEOBYK-7650, RHEOBYK-7670, and RHEOBYK-7690 are solid associative thickeners based on HEUR technology with a unique delivery form: They are supplied as flakes, which prevent dust formation and can still be perfectly incorporated directly or via a pregel. Furthermore, the solid delivery form means that they do not require the addition of biocides to prevent microbial infestation and that they are environment-friendly because the transport volume is reduced. Hence, RHEOBYK-7650, RHEOBYK-7670, and RHEOBYK-7690 are ideal for usage in a variety of water-based systems. They form a product family that covers the entire shear range, from low to high shear levels, and has outstanding storage stability.

Product profiles of RHEOBYK-7650 / RHEOBYK-7670 / RHEOBYK-7690

in an aqueous emulsion paint

Special benefits

  • Solid flakes: no dust formation, no additional protective measures, easy handling
  • Biocide-, VOC-, APEO-, and tin-free
  • Greater flexibility for formulation and production processes
  • Environmentally friendly – solid form means lower transport volume
  • Not sensitive to frost
  • Increased shelf-life, outstanding storage stability