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BYK reveals the excellent properties of BYK additives!

BYK Additives in its film series enables unique design objects to be experienced which have been created with the aid of BYK’s premium additives.


Car design icon

Be inspired by the innovative BMW i8. Against the serpentine backdrop of the Italian Alps, the first hybrid vehicle from BMW revealed itself to be a symbiosis of sportiness and efficiency whose design and functionalism is without equal. BYK illustrates the expertise of the wetting and dispersing product group by reference to this design icon.

Grand Piano

The award-winning Korean pianist Sukyeon Kim played on a Grand piano during filming. Handcrafted with the maximum care, the unmistakable sound results from their precise and elaborate manufacture. A grand piano requires over 12,000 individual parts and a year to build. It is lacquered six times and finally ground and polished to a half-millimeter coating thickness until it reflects without distortion. BYK Additives illustrates its defoamer expertise by reference to this classic.

Infinity Bridge

The Infinity Bridge derived its name from the image of the infinity symbol its shape creates when reflected in the waters of the River Tees, which it crosses downriver from the town of Stockton-on-Tees in the north-east of England. The bridge’s iconic design, comprising two arches which seem to hang over the water, was developed as part of an architectural design competition. The steel construction is 272 meters long. BYK illustrates the expertise behind its rheology additives by reference to the bridge, which links a more recent part of Stockton and the University of Durham’s Queen Campus.


BYK used a Frauscher boat for a shoot on Lake Garda in Italy. Working with drones and a second powerful boat at speeds of up to 85 km/h, the film crew captured the elegance and emotion of this extraordinary motor yacht and its superb surfaces.

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