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Our Plastic Additives - Solutions for Challenges to Come

As life without plastics has become inconceivable, additives are crucial. They ensure material quality and functionality. We offer innovative high-performance solutions for plastics converters and compounders, for formulators and OEMs worldwide, and we follow a single mission: to supply additives, which create value for our customers, and for their customers, too.

Today, BYK is a global leader in significant segments of the additive business. Our products for reinforced composites and PVC plastisols are highly regarded within the industry. Besides their mechanic and esthetic advantages, they are known for their excellent processing qualities and ease of application.

We also provide easy-to-process multi-component additive systems based on our innovative skin-core extrusion and compacting technologies, tailored to the individual specifications of our customers. They optimize material properties (such as flame retardancy and UV or light stability), and address a multitude of applications, particularly in the fast growing thermoplastics business. Through close collaborations with direct and indirect customers along the value chain, we build and expand our expertise continuously. Our profound understanding for the markets we serve puts us in a position to anticipate new trends and create innovative applications for the growing demands of tomorrow.

With our focus on sustainability, we help our customers meet their specific environmental targets, and have devised a new group of recycling additives which enable value-added upcycling of used plastic materials.

We’re with You. Worldwide.

Innovation is key for us. With R&D centers in Wesel, St. Louis and Shanghai we are able to provide global solutions. This organizational structure allows us to develop solutions for applications that address specific local or regional market demands. In total, we invest six percent of our yearly sales in research and development, new products and applications, which is more than the average in our industry. A fifth of our personnel work in jobs related to R&D.

Our 16 production sites across the globe allow us to be a global player who remains close to customers, wherever they may be. This is true for sales, distribution, service, and application.

We offer state-of-the-art testing equipment in our application laboratories in almost 30 countries. This service helps us and our customers to identify the formulation best suited for their application, often saving R&D efforts on the part of our customers. Additionally, we provide technical service in Germany, China, India, Korea, Japan, and the U.S. Our customer seminars provide useful information on handling, dosage, and processing of our additives.

Our Brands - High-Performance Plus Process Efficiency

Our customers have a wide portfolio of high-performance plastics additives to choose from. There are nine brands, all of them characterized by their high performance properties.


This is a group of extremely efficient and widely applicable additive to support the processing and product quality of PVC plastisols, thermosets and thermoplastics. These are BYK wetting and dispersing additives, air release agents, and rheology and viscosity products. Additionally, we provide coupling agents designed to improve fiber- reinforced compounds.

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With our know-how regarding the integration of solids into dispersions, we created DISPERPLAST, a group of wetting and dispersing additives especially for PVC applications.

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Our BYK-MAX additives improve processing as well as material properties. By maximizing efficiency during production, our BYK-MAX additives help compounders and converters to work more efficiently, improving their throughput. The product group includes processing aids for PE, PP, PET, and Polyamides, but also for thermoplastic compounds based on PE and PP, and for masterbatches. Our functional BYK-MAX additives optimize material properties and add value to thermoplastics. They range from anti-fog to anti-scratch and include flame retardancy, light and UV stability, nucleation and desiccation as well as solutions designed to improve the the heat stability of nylon-based polymers used in electric and electronic products.

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These powdered rheology additives generate a pseudoplastic flow behavior.

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These liquid organic rheology additives generate a thixotropic flow behavior.

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Our formulated systems for recycling are designed to improve the recyclates’ quality, enabling new high-quality applications for used plastics rather than downcycling them. These formulations can be employed to recycle products based on HDPE, PP, PET MFI, PE/Nylon, which include battery cases, bottle caps, bins, or crates.

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This product family serves to reduce viscosity in PVC-plastisols.

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SCONA is our multifaceted family of thermoplastics modifiers. The group includes adhesion promoters and coupling agents designed to improve advanced composites, fiber, glass fiber, or carbon fiber compounds, optimizing their mechanical properties and their impact strength.

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Modified phyllosilicates for use in thermoplastics as flame retardant synergists and to improve physical properties.

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