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Get inspired by water-based innovations

Why switch to water-based coatings when solvent-borne coatings have always been the best? The simple answer: The market is changing. But that means that aqueous coatings need to be ready to compete with solvent-borne ones. That’s why we are in a constant process of refining our water-based additives. Reap the benefits of their work.
Find out what our additive experts came up with and get inspired by water-based innovations like:

  • Labeling-free dispersing additives for binder-free grinds
  • Next generation silicone defoamer
  • Balanced challenges: defoaming high-build water-based systems
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Turn water-based challenges into opportunities with:

  1. Labeling-free dispersing additives for binder-free grinds 
  2. Next generation silicone defoamer 
  3. New defoamer for high-build water-based systems 


Markus Vogel

Markus Vogel

Head of Global End Use Decorative Coating

Dr. Steffen Romanski

Dr. Steffen Romanski

Head of Global End Use Wood

Lara Kristin Walter

Lara Walter

Head of TS Marine & Protective