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China Composites 2021

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China International Composites Industrial Technical Expo - November 30 - December 2, 2022

Top solutions for top performance thermosets

Fiber-reinforced composites are an integral part of many industries and of our daily life. At BYK, we have been providing the composites industry for many years with tailored additives and customer-orientated services in our labs. In this brochure we provide you with an overview of our portfolio, our service, and the business philosophy behind them.

As a globally leading additives manufacturer it is our main concern to create added value for our customers, regardless of their location. Our overriding aim is to understand their processes and deliver solutions which suit these demands in every respect. Based on our long-standing expertise in the composites industry, we are able to develop innovative answers to new market trends. This is particularly challenging at a time when the demand for energy efficiency and sustainability draws new attention to composite materials. As lightweight construction captures the mass market for vehicles, the additives business develops accordingly. With our newly established lab for advanced composites, we see ourselves well positioned to participate in this fascinating business sector.