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Functional recycling economy with RECYCLOBYK

These days, a world without plastic products is inconceivable. Regardless of whether they are in automobiles, floor coverings, wind turbines, or toothbrushes – plastics are useful everyday companions for us humans.

In the interests of conserving natural resources and of more sustainable economic activities, BYK has taken an important step on behalf of customers towards upcycling with the new product series RECYCLOBYK.

By stabilizing the plastics during processing, BYK’s recycling additives significantly improve the quality of the recycled materials. They subsequently facilitate new high-grade applications for the used plastics.

BYK will be utilizing its presence at this year’s Fakuma (October 12-16 in Friedrichshafen) to spotlight the innovative additives at Booth 2208 in Hall B2.
Thus, for example, RECYCLOBYK 4372 improves the recycling of HDPE material that can be used, for example, in pallets and bottle crates designed for outdoor use. This is achieved by means of targeted restabilization of the polymer matrix.
Adding RECYCLOBYK 4371 is especially helpful in restabilizing polypropylene and polyolefin compounds that are exposed to particularly aggressive substances.

Resource-optimized production thanks to RECYCLOBYK products

Resource-optimized production thanks to RECYCLOBYK products

With the use of RECYCLOBYK additives, new everyday products can thus be won from old battery cases, PET bottles, pails, and beverage crates, that themselves are capable of being reintroduced into the recycling economy.

Press Releases | 2021年9月7日


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