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Lubricants Foundry

Metal Processing
[MF-AG 2]
Lubricants and Greases
[MF-AG 1]
Thickeners for Lubricating Greases
Additives for Lubricants

BYK General

The DISPERBYK-TF Series – Tin-free Alternatives to Established Standard Wetting and Dispersing Additives
The DISPERBYK-BF Series – Biocide-free Alternatives to Established Standard Wetting and Dispersing Additives
Cyclic Siloxanes in Silicone-based Additives
Additives Based on Renewable Raw Materials
HORDAMER Primary Polyethylene Dispersions


Unsaturated Polyester and Vinylester Resins
Epoxy Systems
Polyurethane Systems
Acrylic Resins
Our Composites Portfolio
Cultured Marble. Onyx, Polymer Concrete
Gel Coats
Epoxy Applications
Ambient Curing Polyester Resins
Insulating Materials for Use in the Electrical and Electronics Industry
Chemical Anchoring and Fixing Products
Additives for Sheet Molding Compounds (SMC)
Additives for Polyurethane Applications

Adhesives and Sealants

Additives for Adhesives & Sealants
Additives for 1-pack and 2-pack Epoxy Adhesives and Sealants
Additives for Aquous Pressure-sensitive Adhesives
Additives for Adhesives and Sealants


Our Plastics Business
Our High-Performance Thermoplastics Additives and Solutions
Additives for Thermoplastics Compounders
Additives for Thermoplastics Converters
TPE-S オーバーモールドコンパウンドの密着性を向上させる改質剤


Our Additives for PVC Applications
[PVC-XS 5]
Moisture Absorber
Viscosity Depressants
Netz- und Dispergieradditive
Air Release Additives
Rheology Additives
Foam Stabilizers for Mechanical Foam
BYK-P 4100 - A Unique Additive to Improve Processing of PVC Calendering Applications
Additives for PVC Plastisols and Thermoplastic PVC

Construction Chemicals

Construction Industry
[CO-XS 1]
Additives for the Construction Industry

Powder Coatings

Additives for Powder Coatings

Liquid Coatings

Solvent-free Radiation-curing Wood and Furniture Coatings
Additives for Aqueous Coating Systems
Solvent-borne and Solvent-free Industrial Coatings
Aqueous Industrial Coatings
Architectural Coatings
Heavy Duty Coatings
Wood and Furniture Coatings
Automotive Coatings
Can Coatings
Coil Coatings
Paint Additives
Additives for Radiation Curing Systems
水系 (水系コーティングに適したすべての添加剤)
Additives for ED Coatings

Paper Coatings

Paper Coatings
Paper Coatings

Household Industrial Institutional

Household, Industrial and Institutional
Household, Industrial and Institutional

Graphic Arts

Additives for Printing Inks and Inkjet Inks
Graphic Arts

Floor Coatings

Additives for Floor Coatings

Electrical Energy Storage and Conversion


Thermosets Closed Mold


Thermosets Cold Cure

Acrylate Applications


Wax Additives