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Learn more about LAPONITE

LAPONITE is BYK´s brand for synthetic phyllosilicate-based rheology additives for aqueous systems. LAPONITE additives increase the viscosity mainly in the low shear range and generate a thixotropic flow behavior. LAPONITE products provide excellent anti-settling properties and storage stability. They also improve the processability and application properties of various systems. LAPONITE additives are very pure synthetic phyllosilicates with no influence on the color of the system to which they are added. They can be used in the most varied of aqueous systems such as coatings, construction chemicals, household, industrial, and institutional applications, agricultural applications, care products, adhesives and sealants, and as film formers in energy storage applications.
Key benefits
  • Rheology additives
  • High purity
  • High whiteness
  • Thixotropic flow behavior
  • Excellent anti-settling properties
  • Improvement of storage stability
  • Widely applicable in aqueous systems
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