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Home care additive PURABYK-P 5540 for soft clothes without separate softener


BYK has launched a new additive portfolio for home care applications. The so-called PURABYK additives offer innovative solutions for detergents and cleaning agents as well as a wide range of additives for care purposes. Amongst other features, the BYK additives optimize the rheology configuration of cleaners and detergents, protect surfaces, regulate foam formation, support wetting and dispersing, and much more besides.

Soft clothes without a separate softener

As a rule, detergents use anionic surfactants. The brand-new PURABYK®-P 5540 has a remarkable fabric softening effect, for which bentonite clays (phyllosilicates) are well known, especially on cotton and wool. Bentonite is anionic and is therefore compatible with anionic surfactants and other detergent components. Conventional organic fabric softeners are products that have to be used in a separate phase of the wash cycle since, as cationic surfactants, they react adversely with the detergent. PURABYK-P 5540 can therefore be deployed, as it were, as an integrated softener in the washing process. The use of a separate fabric softener in the wash cycle is no longer necessary.

Benefits for consumers at a glance

•    No separate fabric softener required
•    Positive ecological balance on account of natural, mineral-based softener
•    A clear reduction in the graying of textiles
•    The laundry is easier to iron, thereby increasing its wearing comfort
•    Sweat absorption

Benefits for manufacturers of detergents

•    Minimal thickening effect (important for liquid detergents)
•    Natural raw material, pure bentonite mineral
•    Good radiance, minimal textile graying
•    Cost-efficient
•    No separate fabric softener required
•    Better fabric wearing comfort

PURABYK-P 5540 simplified illustration


Illustration: Simplified presentation of a wash cycle with a softergent. PURABYK-P 5540 prevents fabric fibers from clogging, making them softer to the touch.

PURABYK additives are used in aqueous and solvent-based cleaners and care products such as polishes, cleaning agents, detergents, and fabric softeners, both in the home and in the commercial sector. In the body care sector, the special effect of PURABYK additives unfolds in shampoos, facial masks, antiperspirants, nail varnish, and creams.

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