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BYK Live Event May 24, 2022

Leading additives for leading customers

Join our team of experts for an interactive live presentation of our latest innovations on May 24, 2022. Following the great success of last year's live event, we will seize the opportunity 
to inspire you. See what your products are capable of with our refined additives and get inspired by

  • PTFE-free additive solutions 
  • water-based additives comparable in performance to solvent-borne ones
  • our hidden champions in solid additives

Take part in this extraordinary event at no costs!

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Opening Interview with CEO BYK Dr. Tammo Boinowitz

Get inspired by regulatory driven solutions

Anticipate complex changes and act quickly with the insights shared on:

1. Alternatives to PTFE wax additives
2. Polysiloxanes with extended food contact compliance 
3. Associative thickeners

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Get inspired by water-based innovations

Turn water-based challenges into opportunities with:

1. Labeling-free dispersing additives for binder-free grinds 
2. Next generation silicone defoamer 
3. New defoamer for high-build water-based systems

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Get inspired by: Message in a bottle - Impulse speech. 

Heiko Juckel, Business Line Paint


Get inspired beyond liquids

Break free from constraints of liquid and go further with:

1. Hidden Champions: Organoclays
2. Solid additives in solid application: powder coatings
3. Wetting and dispersing additives for high-alkaline building-materials

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Closing Interview with Global Head Business Line Paint Additives Dr. Stefan Mößmer