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BYK Additives launches care product line PURABYK

Power and purity are key customer demands in the world of care products, and BYK Additives is now serving them with a new product range. Under the name PURABYK, the additives specialists are bundling this new product portfolio to meet the growing demand for solutions for home care and personal care applications. In this segment, BYK now offers products for detergents and cleaning formulations as well as a wide range of additives for personal care applications. In this context, BYK additives optimize the rheology of cleaners and detergents, they protect surfaces, regulate foam formation, help with wetting and dispersing, and much more.

In the cosmetics industry, PURABYK additives are suitable for formulating and controlling the flow behavior of cosmetic products, as well as in shampoos, face masks and creams. ECKART will also add the PURABYK brand to its cosmetics portfolio.

The first PURABYK innovation is PURABYK-P 5540. More PURABYK products for these markets will presented shortly.

News | January 17, 2022

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