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BYK bottle with digital plus

Many in the chemical industry know our sample bottles: These typical small brown bottles with a cross-section reminiscent of a square. Hundreds of thousands of them are sent all over the world.

To provide our customers here with even more information, a BYK QR code has now been added to the label. Using a smartphone, this QR code takes you to the digital product page. Here, not only can a sample then be reordered; there is also access to the whole wealth of information available on the product: From the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) to the Technical Data Sheet (TDS), various regulatory information such as BRIEF or REACH data is available.

In the future, many more functions will be made possible via the QR code on our website So, it is always worthwhile to scan the QR code with your smartphone.

News | August 10, 2023

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