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Information on the coronavirus (March 10, 2020)

Top priority for employee health and supply reliability

Dear Customer,

We must note with regret that the coronavirus has now spread into many other countries and presumably will continue to increase the number of infected. We take the current trends fueled by this virus very seriously and assign top priority to the health of our employees and to our supply reliability.

As a response to the rapid spread of the coronavirus worldwide, BYK has redoubled its efforts at its crisis management center, drawn up pandemic plans, and implemented extensive protective measures. Further plans are being drawn up depending on specific situations. These include:

  • The implementation of stringent protective measures and hygiene stipulations for all employees targeting protection against infection of all kinds
  • Adjustments to our operative processes for the purpose of safeguarding production reliability
  • Business trips forbidden in current risk areas and general, extensive restrictions on business trips, including avoidance of air and rail travel
  • Postponements or cancellations of events and exhibitions
  • Postponements of in-house customer seminars, and employee seminars and group courses
  • For safety reasons, persons returning from trips to risk areas, whether business or private, work for two weeks at home before they can resume their workplace
  • Restricted personal contact with customers, suppliers, and visitors, reception only of visitors crucial to operations
  • Special safety measures for areas frequented highly by visitors or outside companies, and specific precautions intended to break the chains of infection at incoming and outgoing goods
  • Intensification of mobile work

With respect to supply reliability, BYK took an early opportunity to stock up its storage capacities worldwide and has secured itself an excellent basis thanks to its decentralized, global production structure and regional suppliers. BYK is keeping an eye on sporadic logistics challenges under outside control. We will inform you immediately when we learn of any restrictions.

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News | March 10, 2020

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