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Marcel Krohnen heading BYK’s global Paint Additives business

Wesel, January 24, 2024 – The specialty chemicals manufacturer BYK has brought Marcel Krohnen back on board after two and a half years as Head of its global Paint Additives business. At the beginning of the year, he took over from Dr. Stefan Mößmer, under whose leadership the sales of the Paint Additives business line doubled and who has now moved up to the BYK Management Board. “We are extremely delighted not only that, in the person of Marcel Krohnen, we have found a highly competent successor for this key position as Head of the Paint Additives business line, but also that he is someone who has strong roots in our company and who knows the market and, in particular, our customers, especially well,” said Dr. Stefan Mößmer, BYK Managing Director of Marketing & Commercial.

Marcel Krohnen joined BYK in Wesel in 2007 in the course of his studies After initial positions in technical service for Flat Panel Display and Inkjet applications, he took over global product management for BYK's important wetting and dispersing additives in 2013. In 2015, Marcel Krohnen moved to the position of Global Head of Wood and Furniture Coatings, taking on a double function in 2019 as Head of the Architectural Coatings business as well, a role he continued to hold until shortly before his external move in 2021.

With his present return from Hamburg to the Lower Rhine, he is now assuming responsibility for the business line with the greatest turnover within BYK Additives.

“The market and customer environment, which has become increasingly dynamic and complex in recent years, will continue to present us with growing challenges. The key to the company's future success therefore lies in focusing our activities on the issues that offer the greatest holistic customer benefit. In addition to customized technical and commercial product solutions, product sustainability will be a decisive factor, for example with regard to the use of raw materials and energy.

I am looking forward to playing an active and responsible role in this important task at BYK," says Marcel Krohnen.

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