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New BYK defoamer BYK-1789 wins Ringier Award

BYK wins Ringier Award 2021

BYK-1789, the new solvent-free and silicone-containing BYK defoamer, was awarded the prestigious “Ringier Technology Innovation Award 2021” in the “Coatings Industry” category in China. The award ceremony has been held in Shanghai on May 12, 2021.

BYK Team - Ringier Award 2021

BYK-1789 is a 100% defoamer that has been specially developed for aqueous corrosion protection coatings. It is highly compatible despite its strong effect, supports substrate wetting, and is extremely effective in reducing microfoam and macrofoam. A particular advantage is the exceptionally good internal air release of the coating, even in fast-drying systems. The very good internal deaeration of the entire coating system is reflected, among other things, in improved corrosion protection values of the coating system.

News | May 26, 2021

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